Net Preamble

Imperial Polk County ARES Net Preamble

This is (your callsign). The Imperial Polk County ARES Net will begin in 5 minutes. Anyone needing to use this repeater please do so now. 

(7:30 pm) CQ, CQ. This is (your callsign – your name Gary), Net Control for the Imperial Polk County ARES Net. Are there any stations with Emergency or Priority Traffic? 

Do I have an Alternate Net Control Station for backup? 

Stations with formal written Traffic please call now. (5 sec pause. If no one responds with needing to pass Traffic skip asking if there is a Net Liaison on frequency, If someone does respond to having Traffic, then ask if a Liaison is on frequency to take the Traffic, If there is NO response for a Liaison have them wait till the end of the Net to take their Traffic.)

Do we have a Net Liaison on frequency to take Traffic?

This net is conducted every Wednesday at 7:30 pm local time on the WC4PEM Polk

County Emergency Management Repeater System.the purpose of this Net is to coordinate Amateur Radio Emergency Service activity in Polk County, train in Emergency Net Operations procedures, and pass Formal WrittenTraffic. This is a Directed Net and all communications are to go through the Net Control Station. Please do not break into the Net unless you have Emergency traffic.

Is our Emergency Coordinator on Frequency? Do you have any announcements for the Net?

Now calling for Polk ARES Staff Members only. Please check in at this time. Do you have any announcements for the Net?

Now calling for West Central Florida section staff or county EC’s. Please check in at this time. Do you have any announcements for our Net?

Now looking for Polk County ARES members, please call now.

Information about the Polk County ARES can be found on the Web at

Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of every month at the Polk County EOC in

Winter Haven. Driving directions, and a map, are available on the Polk ARES website.

Stations with announcements, please call now. 

This is (your callsign), Net Control for the Polk County ARES Net. When checking into the Net, please key up and say NET CONTROL, unkey and listen to see if anyone else is trying to check in, Key back up and say THIS IS and proceed to give your full call-sign… slowly please… using the phonetic alphabet, your name, CERT team location, And whether or not you are Skywarn trained, I will take check-ins one at a time. Please wait until I recognize check-ins, and call for the next station. If you need to leave the Net, please request Net Control for permission to Secure. You do not have to be a member of ARES to check into this Net, and all Stations are welcome.

I will now open this net up to anyone anywhere… Anyone anywhere that wishes to check into

the POLK County ARES net, please call now.

This is (your callsign), Net Control for the Polk County ARES net.

Are there any questions or other announcements before I close the Net? . Briefly

repeat announcements from earlier in the Net

According to my log, there were____ total check-ins, ___ CERTS, and ___ SkyWarns.

Does the alternate Net Control Station agree with the count? 

The Imperial Polk County ARES Net will return next Wednesday at 7:30 pm here on the

WC4PEM Repeater system. Thank you to Polk County Emergency Management for

providing this Wide Area Linked Repeater System. In the event of any emergency related

situation, tune to one of these repeaters for updates and other information. For additional

information about Polk ARES, please see our website at POLKARES.ORG.

This is (your callsign), Closing the IMPERIAL POLK COUNTY ARES NET at _____pm, local

time, and returning the repeaters to Normal Amateur Use.

73, (your callsign) clear.