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Our Polk ARES Staff Members


Emergency Coordinator – Open

Past EC – Jim Stewart, W4XDS – W4XDS at

AEC of Operations – Norman Xanders, WX4NEX – WX4NEX at

AEC Skywarn Operations – Christine Duez, K4KJN  CDUEZ10 at

AEC Logistics – Todd Rush, W7STR – W7STR at

AEC Coordinator of Tech Support – Judson Bracewell, KJ4IDH – KJ4IDH at

Net Manager – Norman Xanders, WX4NEX – WX4NEX at

Asst Net Manager – Bill Paul, KK4LYQ, billpaul at

EOC Resource Manager – Rick Hoffman, NI4S – rickbet at

Asst EOC Resource Manager – Jim Carlin, KM4UDE, jpcarlinqa  at

Training Manager – David Leyrer, K8HMF – davidleyrer at

Shelter Manager – (open)

Website maintained by Todd Rush, W7STR – W7STR at

Our Community Liaisons


Red Cross Liaison– Mike Green, AG4LT – AG4LT at

Lakeland Police Department – David Zdanowicz, KI4WRX  – reb2006 at

Hospital Services – Greg Evans, KK4WJG, bge1946 at

Heart of Florida Hospital – Patrick O’Neil, KI4CDY –  patrickboneil at