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Florida SERT – Florida State Emergency Response Team
Required training courses can be found and registered for on the Florida SERT website. You can search for training by date, type, and location. All ICS courses in Florida are listed here.


The training required to prepare for the time of need is available online and at local training sessions.

These manuals from the ARRL have guidelines and resources for ARES operations.

Download the full version of the ARES Manual

ARRL Public Service Communications Manual

Download the full version of the ARES Field Resources Manual



The National Incident Management System training gives a framework that will allow organizations to function together to complete the task at hand. The ARRL and West Central Florida Section of the ARRL have determined that the minimum training needed to be deployed outside of Polk County are:

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This essential training is in compliance with the requirements of the Department of Homeland Security and of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and apply to all potential disaster responders, volunteer and professional.

Information about these classes and others can be found at the following link.

FEMA Training Info

ARRL EC-001 Intro to Emergency Communications

(see note below on ARRL Training regarding this course)


ARRL Emergency Communication Training

The EC-001 Introduction to Emergency Communications course is available online through the ARRL.

Polk County ARES will provide EC-001 Introduction to Emergency Communications training and testing locally upon request. Manuals are provided free and there is a $15 testing fee.

The next level of training is EC-016, Public Service and Emergency Communications Management for Radio Amateurs. This is a management course that would make you valuable in building and training an organization. We need people in Polk County ARES to step up and develop their talents.

The following list of FEMA courses are included as part of EC-016. These can be completed at any time and is recommended to round out your development as an Amateur Radio Emergency Service volunteer. Our organization is in need of trained leaders. Please consider taking these FEMA courses.


Amateur Radio License Testing

Testing for your FCC Amateur Radio License is available locally. Please click here for more information.